Video: The Vaan Mission explained

7 Nov 2019

As you probably know, at Vaan we don’t just want to make exciting luxury sailing yachts. We care about saving the planet as much as we care about sailing it. Here’s a short video explaining the Vaan Mission. #SAILTHEPLANET

Vaan operations are based on the principles of the circular economy. We build our yachts mostly from recycled materials and a Vaan is almost completely recyclable itself. The hull, for example, is for more than 50% made of recycled aluminium such as old window panes, traffic signs, and number plates. Some parts of the cat even contain more than 75% reused materials. Vaan has entered into an exclusive agreement with the fully integrated aluminium company Hydro.

Post-consumer scrap aluminium ready for recycling by Hydro. The start of a new Vaan.

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Shipping the hull

Shipping the hull

On may 19th, in the 200 year old dry dock, we celebrated the launch of the first Vaan R4 and all the progress we made as a company and team so far.

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