VAAN R4-01 // First Interior Photos

11 Apr 2022

With the delivery of the Vaan R4-01 to the customer nearby, we are happy to show you the first interior photos for the R4-01.

The customer for this R4 has made his final selections for the last finishing touches so those will now be completed shortly. While you can see some protective materials on some of the images still, we hope it gives you a good indication of the final look and level of datailing. If you have any comments or questions, please let us know via contact@vaan.yachts.

(click an image to zoom in.)


Shipping the hull

Shipping the hull

On may 19th, in the 200 year old dry dock, we celebrated the launch of the first Vaan R4 and all the progress we made as a company and team so far.

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