At Vaan Basecamp we provide all services to make owning a Vaan even more pleasurable. Our experienced team can assist you with maintenance, repairs and refits. Vaan owners can always dock in our marina for free, for as long as they like. Vaan Services is looking forward to assist you with the following services:

Our facility in Hellevoetsluis also provides (winter) storage on land, both indoors and outdoors. We also offer limited space in our own marina, located on the Haringvliet, only an hour from the North Sea. If you are looking for a berth or storage on land, please email us at contact@vaan.services

Our location in Hellevoetsluis, the Netherlands, right on the North Sea can be easily reached for maintance, updates and refits. Please contact us via contact@vaan.services if you want to plan maintenance.

Yacht registration can be an important consideration when buying a yacht. There are relevant impacts between different flags to register the yacht under. Our team can guide you through the process and evaluate the pros and cons with you. The goal is to balance finance, legal, and peace of mind.

Vaan Yachts will be sailing all over the world and spreading the #SailThePlanet philosophy. After delivery, our transport services can be useful.  We have a professional team that can arrange any transportation for you. Just let us know what your plans are, and we will provide you with a tailored offer to bring your Vaan to the destination of your choosing. Where to next?

Yacht financing can be challenging. There are several leading yacht finance companies, each with their own focus and strengths: types of yachts, nationalities they accept and sailing areas they cover. By making use of our network, we can save you time getting the right offer*. And because a Vaan yacht is regarded by financial institutions as a sustainable investment, in many cases we can arrange an interest discount for you.

Owning a yacht is a wonderful privilege. With it also comes a need to protect your investment through insurance. Selecting the right insurance is important as you don’t want to be over- or under-insured. Different sailors have different plans. The key is to know which risks are involved and which can be reasonably covered at what time. We can guide you to the right insurance companies and help you through the process*.


tel: 085 – 071 99 71

*) Please note that EU and Dutch laws do not allow us to provide financing or even financial and insurance services for specific customers. So, we cannot take the role of financier, insurer or consultant. What we are allowed to do is share with you our best contacts and best practises, in general terms.