Looking back at Hiswa 2019

17 Sep 2019

It’s been just over one week since the Hiswa 2019 boat show in Holland took place. For Vaan it was the first opportunity to interact with potential buyers and we are very happy and reassured by the responses we received.

Vaan Hiswa 2019 stand   

This year’s Hiswa drew a record 30.000 visitors to Lelystad, despite a few days of typically Dutch weather. With the first R4 in pre-production phase, we used a scale model, several displays and a large video screen to present the R4. And even though we did not have a full scale yacht, we decided to still have a booth on the docks, to be closer to the other cats.



We are very happy to see that many of the people interested in the Vaan R4 are actually monohull sailors currently owning an X, a J or similar. At the same time our sustainability message seems to strike a chord with sailors too; visitors appreciated the use of recycled aluminium, samples of cork decking, recycled fabrics and our plant-based leather substitute. On the subject of sustainable yacht building and circular material use, Igor also held a presentation in the Hiswa Theater.

It is obvious that even in the Netherlands, the cat market is gaining momentum. More and more people are starting to see the advantages of the comfort and space of a cat. At the same time, marina’s re creating more catamaran spaces to accommodate the growing market, even in more northern regions.


We are currently planning next years boat shows and will keep you up to date via this newsletter and our blog. If you have any questions in the mean time, please let is know via contact@vaan.yachts 




Vaan R5 Sailing Video

Vaan R5 Sailing Video

Recently the Vaan R5 was sailing the Baltic sea and we were able to film some of it, even in some rougher 38kn/8bft of wind. Luckily we also found some sunshine along the way:)

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