10 Mar 2024

Today we are launching the first Vaan yacht in ‘Vivid Alu’ finish. The aluminium hull is carefully sanded to a smooth matte finish to give it a raw and tough look. With the chique and soft cork decking, the large glossy windows and the snow white painted cockpit, it blends beautifully into a stylish avant-garde off-road luxury design. 

There are practical benefits also: Vaan Vivid Alu does not have to be repainted. Maintenance is mostly just cleaning, and scratches are simply re-sanded. And for the serious sailors among us, Vivid Alu is at least 100kg lighter than a painted hull. 

As well as being beautiful, Vaan Vivid Alu is also ever more sustainable. The absence of paint and fairing reduces the amount of chemicals used and emissions produced in the production of the hull. It also makes recycling of the hull easier and cleaner, further reducing impact on the environment. 

Contact us to learn more about Vaan Vivid Alu. 


Vaan advocates true circularity at Oslo event

Vaan advocates true circularity at Oslo event

Vaan was invited to Oslo to speak about the value of aluminium in moving towards zero-impact pleasure yachting. At the industry conference organised by Norse Hydro, Vaan shared the stage with Porsche, both invited as frontrunners in applying the highly sustainable Hydro aluminium.

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